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Calibration manager & complete interlinkability

Qness Calibration Manager: Advanced test block management

Qness Calibration Manager:
Advanced test block management

Redefining calibration result management: The Qness Calibration Manager can be set up to provide users with reminders of necessary checks at selected intervals. Test results can be added to the ongoing statistical profile at the push of a button. A clearly comprehensible overview of permitted tolerance values and long-term tracing of trends derived from all results, for every device and every test block. Qness test block data can be called up conveniently online without the need to enter test plate details. Extremely simple protocol access for purposes such as audits.

Complete interlinkability

Complete interlinkability

Optionally completely interlinkable with databases, CRM systems and statistics programmes via the PCI software module and with a direct link-up to production control systems - also for completely unmanned operation via the Qpix Remote Plug-In interface. The expert Qness team looks forward to helping you conceive the best possible solution for every link-up option.

Made by Qness

Developed and implemented by an experienced team of programmers and hardness testing specialists at the Qness factory in Golling, Austria. Training and demonstration appointments can be  conducted on site at the new Qness Application Technology & Demonstration Centre for hardness testing and metallography.

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