For quick and precise
Rockwell tests

Test method HRC or HBT 2.5

One of the fastest

hardness testers in the world.

- Extremely fast hardness testing cycle - under 3 seconds
- Ultra-modern technology, innovative design
- Innovative Siemens S7 controls
- Siemens 4“ touch display
- Work room illumination
- Data output via RS232 interface
- 2 load ranges available: HRC or HBT 2.5/62.5 (more on request)
- Snug-fit roller-bearing spindle guide
- Can be integrated into production lines for automation

Technical data

RCS variant

Test method HRC HBT 2.5
Test force area 150 kg (1471,5 N) 62,5 kg (613,1 N)
Height adjustment handwheel  
Test height | horizontal reach 180 mm / 180 mm  
Test anvil Ø 100 mm  
Weight of basic device 120 kg  
Interfaces 1 x RS232 C, 1 x RJ45 (Ethernet)  
Power supply 100 - 240V ~1/N/P, 50 - 60Hz
Max. power input ~ 360 W  
Accessories / Options
General Penetrator (Rockwell, Brinell)  
Inline - solution to be agreed  
Options Customised devices, customised test anvil, pro bus, sorting lamps, flashlight


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