The Qness Serviceteam.

Competent, reliable and fast.

To guarantee effectively the productiveness and reliability of our tester we, as producer of hardness testing machines, offer an extensive support. Our maintenance package for Qness hardness testing machines and special solutions contains the following services:

- Maintenance
- Modernisation of anterior machines
- Repair
- Training and consulting
- Calibration

Contact us.

We will be glad to advice you regarding our service features.

Further to that we offer, within the scope of maintenance, consulting and training as well as an overview of our news in our product portfolio. Gladly we would issue an individual maintenance agreement for your machines. Regarding questions concerning this support please feel free to contact us.
Qness GmbH
Bluntaustraße 52, 5440 Golling
Phone: +43 6244 34393
Fax: +43 6244 34393-30

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